Xtra Power Product is a non-alcoholic Energy Drink which is manufactured and packed at DUBAI but Launched in INDIA. It is an Indian brand Name and India is known for its ancient recipes, organic food range, and different species. People prefer to buy Xtra Power energy drink to boost their low energy level to high instantly. As this drink has no artificial ingredients and fully safe to use in their daily lives. Xtra Power product is sold by retail stores, hotels and restaurants, and bars in India and is also available online.

The Xtra Power energy drink comes in an attractive blue and silver coloured slim CAN.  Aluminium Packing which kept locking its original taste and quality for a specific time period for safe use.  It is prepared without any added sugar and also not contains any artificial sweeteners, and colours. It is a popular refreshing drink which provides instant energy to the consumers. Energy can keep their mind alert for the next Five to Six hours. our Product images and promotional material can be checked at social media:- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked-In and also at You-Tube.


The primary ingredient of this drink is caffeine which plays an important role in the recipe of this energy drink. This product comes in 250 ML but it contain 75 MG Caffeine.


The amino acid is an organic compound which is naturally found in fish, meat, human milk, and also dairy products. According to the different studies it has anti-oxidant properties that play an important role to keep the mind alert. 


The use of the right amount of B-vitamins in this drink made its not only best but also energy booster drink in the market. According to the different studies, B vitamins have a direct impact on brain function, energy levels, and also cell metabolism. The consumption of B vitamins in the right amount is essential for every human being.

Product packing:-

The cans are delivered in Trays which are covered with shrink film. The dimensions of tray is width 215mm, length 325mm and height 140mm. Each tray contains 24x250ml cans. Various distributors are welcome to contact us for export unit.