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We had special budget for sponsorship, events like Fashion Shows, Musical Nights, Sports and also for Gaming. Commonly we get events recommendation from Super Stockists, Distributor but from Retailers also.  Anyone can check our sponsorship activities at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube but also at Linked In

At Xtra Power we do sponsorship in youth events at universities, colleges but Currently we sponsored a Fashion Nights Online. In this fashion shows series  we do various cities on weekly basis but this all is online. Fashion shows can watch online at facebook Live but You-Tube Channel Fashion Nights Online. FashionNights looking for fresher Models, Fashion Designers, Brands in shoes, jewellery, Begs and fashion accessories etc. we looking for modelling agency association but currently we had Tie – UP with Akimbo Models  & crystal Models

Fly Dubai is another sponsored event run by Xtra Power and any one who is resident in INDIA can participate. Purchase a Xtra Power Can and Make a Tic Tok video then mail to or also at Every month winner will get full package for DUBAI which include air ticket, Stay, Food and also traveling in Dubai. 

Looking sponsorship proposal from Maharashtra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Kolkata, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Telangana and also Jharkhand.

For Media:- 


At AK Sales India, we know how difficult it is to sustain in the competitive world without proper media coverage of your products and services also. We have made separate teams of experts who deal with media partners of the company at the best possible way. 

Every time when we launch our new products or offer discounts. we make sure that the news gets spread like a fire among the users. Tried our best to avail benefits of discounts before the offer get ends by consumers. As we know social Media is very impotent but we also very aggressive in Print Media.