About Us Xtra Power

About us Xtra Power Energy Drink?

Our Energy Drink is not only helpful in offering the energy it’s give strength to the body also. It’s also act as a refreshing agent during the hot summer of India.  If you are traveling or playing then you can drink a can of energy drink to get refreshed. Drink is more effective than the hot caffeine drinks because it will make your body cool inside. Let you achieve your goals with full mental alertness and strength.
Why Us:- 

Xtra Power India, decided to provide a high-quality energy drink to worldwide consumers. Due to the refreshing taste and natural ingredients, this drink is continuously gaining popularity in Indian as well as foreign markets. People prefer to buy energy drink to boost their low energy level to high instantly. This drink has no artificial ingredients and fully safe to use in their daily lives. Energy Drink Xtra Power is sold by the retail stores, hotels, restaurants and bars and also available online to buy at doorsteps. Can of energy drink comes in blue and silver coloured which kept locking its original taste and quality. Prepared without any added sugar and also not contains any artificial sweeteners and colors.

It is a popular refreshing drink which provides instant energy to the consumers. It can keep their mind alert for the next two to three hours. This is an ideal drink for the people from hot weather areas. As it refreshes the mind and body with its natural ingredients.

AK Impex Launched Xtra Power in pan INDIA, in association with Ak Sales And Marketing and Ak Distributor. AK Sales India is a government certified food and beverage company who is famous for the manufacturing of drinks like fruit juice, energy drinks, and carbonated soda water. The company is moving towards its goal of getting renowned success at a rapid rate due to their quality products at reasonable prices.

Social Media:- 

We launch this product through Offline and online promotion. promotional activities can be check at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked-In and also at You-Tube or can contact us.